Downside protected, Upside guaranteed
No renovations required.
You keep your flexibility
We take care of everything from showings to 24/7 tenant support
We look after everything!
Furnishing and Equipping
  • We inspect your home and draw-up floor plans
  • Install proprietary room dividers that we manufacture in-house
  • Furnish your house with smart, transformable furniture and linens
Online marketing and customer acquisition
  • We take care of professional photo and video shoots
  • List your home on residenz website, social media and newsletters
  • Set up your listing across 40+ marketing channels
Tours and showings
  • Handle 100% of customer communications
  • Organize and perform open house
  • Follow-up with clients to close deals
Professional team on-site
  • Well trained dedicated home manager
  • In-house cleaning team that refills all supplies
  • In-house maintenance team. Weekly checks. Monthly reports
Proprietary technologies
  • Proprietary room matching algorithm that uses AI to match roommates
  • We install 8 different sensors per home: sound, facial recognition
  • App for owners with real-time financial, tenant data, notifications
Strong brand for roommate community
  • Instantaneous moving between homes for tenants (within or between cities)
  • Strong and well recognisable brand for roommate community
  • Opinion makers will visit and promote your home
Next steps
Online due diligence and our Offer within 3 hours
After you fill a 1 minute form here, we will try to find all public records on your property, photos, floorplans, records. We will contact you to ask few simply questions. On the 1st call we will estimate your possible income with Residenz.
On-site visit and review
Our professional architect will visit your property to measure everything, perform a check on the property and answer any of your questions about Residenz.
Sign agreement. Furniture and opening.
Residenz will send you an agreement to be signed remotely and will transfer you a retainer. After picking up a copy of the key, Residenz will ship furniture and in 7-14 days your home will be up and running.
Do you have some questions? Find answers below!
How often do I get paid?
We pay out on a monthly basis before the 5th of the month.
Do I get any reports or updates?
Residenz owners have 24/7 access to online data in their personal online file or on the Residenz partners mobile app.
What kind of insurance do you provide?
We provide property and liability insurance to every partner. This insurance covers over $1m. in value.
Who is responsible for maintenance?
Residenz performs all local maintenance. Owners are responsible for structural maintenance (plumbing, electrical, walls etc.)
Do I have any control who stays in my property?
Information about current tenants is accessible online. You will be provided with the results of any tenant background checks prior to their tenancy.
How much do I have to pay Residenz?
Residenz guarantees a fair market rent for your apartment and splits the additional profit (upside above Fair market rent) 50% / 50% with you.
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